Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Cross

Went out for a ride today with Martin, Stephan, Jamie, Craig, and Jeff. Martin and Jeff rode their mtb's and the rest rode cx bikes. The first half was rough going. Flatted within 30 mins of the start and then we went on some fun trails with one too many fallen trees for a cx bike. After awhile I just started running to avoid trashing my rear wheel or eating shit. The latter of which is inevitable when you're me.

Stole a pic from Martin. Me running with the bike and wearing a borrowed 80's mtb helmet. Saved me an ER visit today.

The second half was awesome and I could have done that smooth carvy trail all day. Of course I tried to see how far I could propel myself head first into the ground at one point. Didn't feel to great. Might have a slight concussion. I just felt like I was warming up and it was time to get home to my teething one year old. Who is pushing through 4 molars a once. Needless to say no one is sleeping much.

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