Sunday, November 30, 2008

Over before it began

That seems to be the overwhelming theme today. I had a big ride planned for Blue Marsh today and I had to cancel it one day before we were to go. Then I planned a spur of the moment training ride to do some much needed pace line workouts with martin. Luke decided no to nap and instead throw a temper tantrum. So that was over before it started. And as soon as I began this post Luke woke from his only (much needed) nap. So now this is over before it started.

And worst of all the reason I had to cancel the Blue Marsh ride, we found out that Jenny was pregnant but that it was not going to be a good one. So we had an emergency Dr. visit this morning to find out what we need to do. Again, over before it began...

Great way to start a blog, huh?

Ok I'll throw in a positive note. I raced the PA state champ cx race yesterday and did great...until I wrecked twice half way into it. Went from the lead chase group to no man's land. But hey I did lap a few people in a B race and finished with a group of guys who have been beating me all year. So I can't say it was all bad.

Thanks Anthony for the great pics all season.

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