Saturday, December 27, 2008

Feeling better.. finally. And a club rider

So I'm actually starting to feel like I might not always walk with a waddle or wince every time I move. I didn't go to the Dr.'s as Martin suggested as I felt significantly better after the bad Christmas night. ALSO my biopsy came back and it's benign!!! I've had many many cysts and tumors removed and I've never been worried about any of them. But this one had me worried down to my core. What a relief that is.

On more friendly news I was asked to join a cycling race team/club. It's not a professional type of team (I'm not that good..yet). So you have to pay dues and buy your own team outfit so that kind of sucks especially when you're broke like me. But hopefully I can get some good training out of it and move my race results into podium position. I've been racing with these guys all year and they are pretty cool as far as competitive cyclists go. And the fact that they don't care if I blow off the road season and only focus on CX is a huge plus. So we'll see how it goes. At the very least I got a cool new outfit.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Not getting any better

S0 it's been a week since I had surgery and I'm not any better then I was the day I came out. The Dr. and every webpage I've read said I should be back to normal in a few days. Here I am with a bag of frozen peas still in my crotch hopped up on super pain killers and unable to walk.

Nothing is ever easy for me.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


My Name is Joey and I am addicted to Chainlove. Just got my bright red leg warmers in the mail. I may not be able to ride a bike or even walk at the moment but I can still wear my new gear.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Well that sucked

Nothing like trying to deal with the pain of having your nut sliced like an apple all the while throwing up every few minutes from a reaction to the anesthesia. Did I mention I'm going to punch my Dr. in the throat when I see him next. Prick...

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I hate them. They serve a wonderful purpose you are never there for anything good, with the exception of babies. Tomorrow is the bigest surgery yet. I don't want to go.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I need help

We take Luke to the library every Saturday now that Cross season is over. Right by the library is this small farm. The farm has the entire plot of land taped off into what looks like a cx course. I stop every time just to imagine what it'd be like to race it. One day I'm going to bring my bike and get arrested for trespassing.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Aero Ear

So after a lifetime of having big ears I now can say that is only half true. They took my ear lobe and hacked it off. Good riddance too! May I present my aerodynamic race ready right ear.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trying to make the best of a bad situation

So I have to have two surgeries done in 2 weeks. Actually I just got one done today which required losing an ear lobe. There go my dashing good looks... The other one is a bit more serious and I won't go into it for the squeamish. Suffice it to say that it is much more than an ear lobe and not in a place where any guy ever wants to have surgery done.

So since I won't be able to ride a bike for a few weeks (eternity) I need o find some way to keep from slipping into a funk. I've decided to take up my new hobby of sewing. Yea that's right. The manly art of needle and thread. It's actually more of a utilitarian activity to me and at the same time saves me money. To be more specific I need more cycling caps especially for the winter. If you could actually find a winter cycling cap it'll cost you about $40. But if your like me you can just go to the thrift store buy an XXL fleece sweatshirt that looks like it's never been worn and a old woman's silk scarf and for a whopping $6 you have enough material to make 4-5 winter hats. And with some proficiency it will only take you 30 mins to make like this one here.

Here's my first test hat. It was more for practice then anything but looks kinda cool. I'll make it again just a little bigger.

I figure I'll spend the next few weeks cutting and sewing and cursing at the sewing machine for my mistakes and churn out a dozen or so caps. Who knows maybe someone will buy them. Unless your Martin.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

If it wasn't for bad luck...

I wouldn't have any luck at all. I FINALLY made it out the door today with a bicycle in hand. Went up to French Creek to do some snowy mtb'ing and test out the new Northwave winter boots. I was supposed to meet Martin at 9am. At 8:57am I was already 5 mins late and that's when I realized I left my helmet sitting in the garage. I left Martin a barrage of messages hoping he wouldn't leave before I got there. Luckily French Creek (FC) is only 15 mins away. I broke all traffic laws an made it to the base of the mountain at 9:23am to see Martin leaving. Unbelievably pissed at myself I took off for home. I then quick turned around and decided if anything I will ride by myself, since I don't know the trails well enough, up and down this one trail I know for an hour. When I pulled in I saw a group of guys headed up the trail I wanted to do. They were cool enough to let me tag along for ... OK too long of a post already.

Here's the tired shorten version:
1. Forgot helmet at home had to drive back, saw Martin as he was leaving so no ride again. Martin was crying and blubbering something about 11 o'clock as he sped off.
2. Decided to ride alone and get lost in the woods, met up with a group tagged along with them.
3. New boots sucked in snow. Couldn't clip in for most of the climbing. Seriously, like snow magnets.
4. Lost keys and cell phone somewhere deep in the woods. Had to ride a freaking mtb all the way home.
5. Hit Luke's head against the door frame when I finally got home trying to give him a kiss.

I should never have gotten out of bed today.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Stupid Cheap Gas..

So there goes my leverage. A few months ago I was easily able to boast how my riding to work is saving us about $100/week. This comment was quickly followed up with something like, "See so these new cylocross brakes for $80 aren't really costing us anything". Now I'm saving us what, $15? Yea my argument is for cycling gear is all but worn out. No more jerseys, bibs, shoes, tires, chains. I was given the third degree over some tubes. Stupid gas...

And it's been one week since I got on the bike. That's the longest I've gone since June. Twice I was able to get dressed up in the 25lbs of winter clothes I have make my way to the door with my bike in hand only to be stopped by the sounds of Psycho teething baby. Babies and molars suck. This is all because I bought winter cycling shoes. This always happens to me. If I were to buy a raincoat we'd go into a drought. A snowboard you say? Global warming took that one away. Every time I buy a motorcycle (that works) it rains for weeks on end. Needless to say I've learned to ride in the rain. I bought a surfboard and it turns out I live on the east coast 3 hours from the beach... Ok so that one is on me but still my luck isn't good. Not good at all.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So I haven't ridden a bike in 3 whole days... To anyone who is insane like me that is enough time to gain a 100 pounds from the peanuts I've eaten. Not to mention the half a cookie I ate the other day. Right now I'm stuffing whole grain cheerios in my mouth. I'll certainly wake up 45lbs heavier tomorrow. Did I mention my boss bought me a chicken cheesesteak today for lunch. I'll certainly tip the scales at 300lbs by weeks end.

These are the thoughts that go through my head all day long. Cycling has definitely got me back in shape but at the same time inserted a whole new level of crazy into my head. I can't wait to get back to commuting on Thursday. I'm already planing the self inflicted baton death march to work and back. I'm going to wear the big backpack load it up with useless items to weigh me down and take the hilly route to and from.... Ok maybe just from... and maybe just the small back pack... BUT nonetheless!! It will be a tortuous pace that I will keep and all this fat will wash away like the bum urine in my back yard on a rainy spring day.
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