Thursday, January 8, 2009


In the spirit of Crew Jones (RAD) I think I'm going to try my hand at racing BMX again. It's been a long time and I still have the bike I raced back in the day.

But I think I'm going t get rid of it and buy a 24" cruiser like this one. It's just rotting away in my basement and there are dudes who collect this stuff and will keep in nice. It's going to rust away and I'll never use it.

Luckily there is a new track in my town (the only good thing in this shithole). Not like I feel like paying dues to another bicycle league but whatever.


Martin said...

Looks like you have enough chain on that old BMXer for two bikes!

Joey said...

It's just not tightened. It's been sitting for 15 years. Tires are flat too.

geronimok said...

dude!! I've been thinking about a 24 and the track for several years now myself. Have you seen the track yet though? there's no way I can manual those whoops!

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