Saturday, February 28, 2009


I love climbing. I should just stop the post right there. There's nothing else more to say really. But I'll continue a bit for posterity sake. We did 5501 feet of climbing today. Not bad for an early season ride. I would have liked to do more but what the ride lacked in feet it more than made up for in gradient. The first big accent was 22%. For those of you who don't know that steep of road would be very difficult to walk up let alone ride. When I first saw it the first thought I had was "maybe I should get off and walk up". I've never huffed and puffed so hard in my life.

The limbs got easier and ride pressed on. We saw some crazy shit out in Berks county like a HUGE Noah's arc type boat that a a house. This place is money too. Not some local yokel living in a boat. I would love to take a look inside. I'll have to figure that out one day.

Couple more weekend like this and I'll be back on track to being in race shape. My weight is around 146lbs and I'd guesstimate my bmi to be 7%? I got buzzed off one Miller Lite last night. That should be an indication that I'm getting skinny. Can't wear my wedding ring any more either. Pretty sure a 10 year old could kick my ass.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

crazy or tough?

It was 36 degrees and raining when I left work today. It quickly turned to sleet which then turned to hail which then turned back into sleet and finally back into rain once I got home to the wannabe ghetto. The back roads were starting to get covered in a sleeting slush. Everyone I talked to today said I was crazy t ride in this. Jenny said I was crazy. That's BS... I mean I am crazy but that has nothing to do with it. I rode because I can and because I don't let little things like my boots being filled with ice cold water or being pelted in the face with sleet and hail stop me.

It'd be nice to hear once, "Wow, that's some hard work you put in on the bike."

Crazy... I got your crazy right here!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"like my brakes were on"

I was drilling it the whole way to work this morning to compensate for being lazy and only getting out once over the weekend. But for some reason over the last 10 miles it felt like I just got incredibly tired and slow. Even on the last downhill where I can usually break 40mph I had to pedal the whole way down. Was there a headwind that I wasn't feeling? It just felt like my brakes were on...

Well it turns out the front brake was stuck on. I really need to get a disc brake commuter bike. There is no reason to be using rim brakes in 2009. I don't get why the UCI and the rest of the world is still stuck on stupid. It's laughable really. It would be like if they made Moto GP ride shaft driven drum brake bikes. Fucking stupid...

Saturday, February 7, 2009


For our friends without kids, us having kids was like contracting HIV. Since we've had Luke the number of times our friends have some up to see us has equaled < 1 time per friend. For most of our friends it consisted of the obligatory visit soon after he was born. And like AIDS if was uncomfortable and awkward for our friends. A few of them adored Luke and gushed over him but most held him like they would a cobra. Then that was it. Haven't seen any of them since. A few real shit bag friends (Beau) just totally dropped us like a bag of rocks. No calls, haven't returned any emails, nothing. Fuck 'em.

The real lesson is that the only people who will be there for you is family. And that is even questionable...
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