Friday, December 4, 2009

Or not...

10 hours of sleep and I feel worse. Nose is completely blocked now. Might just bag it. Oh well.

And how angry was that last post? Swear much?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stupid Bikereg

You had to put up the current PACX standings didn't you? F'ing a-hole, thanks... As you can see I was quite happy to end my season last weekend. Now I see that I'm somehow, by some fucking miracle, in 4th place? WTF is that? I sucked balls all season and I'm in 4th place?! Uh.... ok. So now I have to go to Marysville and try to kick the shit out of some poor bastard I don't even know. I'm not worried about Gunnar. Either I'll beat him by a small margin or he'll beat me by a small margin. Festa is doing the A's so that just leaves this one dude. There are pro's and con's to this weekend. Pro: No one knows who the fuck I am and that I've been riding sick and busted up all season. So I won't be marked. Con: I just got another cold. Some virus that makes it hard to swallow and it hurts to breath. That being said, since when does 'cross care about whiny bitches and pain. I can ride through a sore throat. Pro: No one is showing up for this race. Should make for a clean race. I just have to stay ahead of the enevitable d-bag who is going to crash on the 1st lap. Con: Remember I said it hurts to breathe? Well that means I haven't been on a bike since Tuesday. Hopefully I can squeeze in some openers sometime tomorrow night.

So who knows what's going to happen. All I know is I'm coming back into form and if this cold bug doesn't sop I should have a clear shot at winning this thing. Still pissed about Mercer...

And I wanted to sit at home and drink some good porter this weekend. Damn it!

Oh and one unrelated note. I saw this bumper sticker (and almost all bumper stickers are annoying but this one...) on my way home the other day. It said this country was founded on Christian beliefs not Liberal... something. You get the point. There is so many things wrong with that fucking sticker I don't know where to begin. First off this country was founded on the lives/deaths of the lower class. This country survived because our lower and middle class is willing to pick up a gun and take a bullet. It also is founded on the genocide and oppression of it's native inhabitants. Just like every other empire to have ever ruled this planet. Why do people believe everything they are told on their ultra conservative radio/church/circle jerk meeting?
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