Friday, January 30, 2009


So I pride myself on riding year round. Not letting the bitter cold of winter nor the oppressing heat of summer stop me. Needless to say I've handed out quite a bit of slack to those who cowered in their basement all winter afraid to 'man up' and ride through the chill. However, this year being a father has given me greater responsibility or to be exact taken away my irresponsibility. It's extremely icy out the last few days and sliding in front of dump trucks or pushing off out of control cars is no longer an option.

Sooooo I've taken to riding the trainer in my basement. At first I was disgusted at myself for relegating myself indoors for a mediocre workout. However, I quickly found out that a person can get a pretty decent workout on a trainer. I can't do sprints intervals for 2 hours straight with all these hills around here but in my basement it's possible. In fact it was actually kind of pleasurable. I took the laptop down and watched full length TV shows and pedaled my ass off.

So I take back some of what I said to you folks hiding in your basements. Some...

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