Friday, December 5, 2008

Stupid Cheap Gas..

So there goes my leverage. A few months ago I was easily able to boast how my riding to work is saving us about $100/week. This comment was quickly followed up with something like, "See so these new cylocross brakes for $80 aren't really costing us anything". Now I'm saving us what, $15? Yea my argument is for cycling gear is all but worn out. No more jerseys, bibs, shoes, tires, chains. I was given the third degree over some tubes. Stupid gas...

And it's been one week since I got on the bike. That's the longest I've gone since June. Twice I was able to get dressed up in the 25lbs of winter clothes I have make my way to the door with my bike in hand only to be stopped by the sounds of Psycho teething baby. Babies and molars suck. This is all because I bought winter cycling shoes. This always happens to me. If I were to buy a raincoat we'd go into a drought. A snowboard you say? Global warming took that one away. Every time I buy a motorcycle (that works) it rains for weeks on end. Needless to say I've learned to ride in the rain. I bought a surfboard and it turns out I live on the east coast 3 hours from the beach... Ok so that one is on me but still my luck isn't good. Not good at all.

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Martin said...

Relax. It's December.

The whole point of December is to just ride when you can, take it easy, and enjoy your family time. There'll be plenty of time to ride your legs off come 2009.

For now, have some pie.

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