Sunday, December 7, 2008

If it wasn't for bad luck...

I wouldn't have any luck at all. I FINALLY made it out the door today with a bicycle in hand. Went up to French Creek to do some snowy mtb'ing and test out the new Northwave winter boots. I was supposed to meet Martin at 9am. At 8:57am I was already 5 mins late and that's when I realized I left my helmet sitting in the garage. I left Martin a barrage of messages hoping he wouldn't leave before I got there. Luckily French Creek (FC) is only 15 mins away. I broke all traffic laws an made it to the base of the mountain at 9:23am to see Martin leaving. Unbelievably pissed at myself I took off for home. I then quick turned around and decided if anything I will ride by myself, since I don't know the trails well enough, up and down this one trail I know for an hour. When I pulled in I saw a group of guys headed up the trail I wanted to do. They were cool enough to let me tag along for ... OK too long of a post already.

Here's the tired shorten version:
1. Forgot helmet at home had to drive back, saw Martin as he was leaving so no ride again. Martin was crying and blubbering something about 11 o'clock as he sped off.
2. Decided to ride alone and get lost in the woods, met up with a group tagged along with them.
3. New boots sucked in snow. Couldn't clip in for most of the climbing. Seriously, like snow magnets.
4. Lost keys and cell phone somewhere deep in the woods. Had to ride a freaking mtb all the way home.
5. Hit Luke's head against the door frame when I finally got home trying to give him a kiss.

I should never have gotten out of bed today.


Martin said...

You should've just met me at 7am like normal.

I get no cell reception in the parking lot up there, so after 15 minutes of riding in circles trying to stay warm, I figured you were bagging the ride. Plus, having started riding at 7, I had to get home by 11 to take over the kids. We wouldn't have even had time left for a single lap by the time you eventually got up there after your helmet fiasco.

But at least if you met me at 7, like normal, you wouldn't have lost your keys and cell phone.

Joey said...

Way to rub it in...

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was so much your boots that are snow magnets as much as it was the type of snow yesterday. I rode in Downingtown and I had the same problem--that never happens to me with TIME pedals. How did you lose your stuff, do you have a hole in your jersey pocket?

Joey said...

Jacket pocket has dual entry from both sides. Threw the keys in the one side and zipped up. Other side was open and I didn't know it.

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