Saturday, November 21, 2009

No news good is good news

I've got nothing to post. Really, I've got nothing. I'm trying not to be negative as has been brought to my attention. So my update is this; I've raced and had fun and had some horrible (I'm trying) results. But I really don't care. I've given up on this cyclocross season and have just decided to ride my bike and have fun.

But the good news is my legs are coming around. States is the last big race so I'll try to pull something out of my ass for that one. Trying to stay motivated but it's really hard when you race like shit and feel like shit. I tried the 5th St. race an I was getting lappped. Mostly because I couldn't keep my bike upright. Another mental blow is to find out that I can't handle my bike in greasy mud. Geronimo gave me some good advice on how to corner in slick mud like that. God knows when I'll be able to do that tough. I' love to practice it over and over until I get it right. Maybe mother nature will bless me with Belgian weather for the rest of the year. But as far as 5th St. goes it was indescribable. It was pitch black, 55 degrees, and pouring rain. I chugged a beer mid-race, swallowed some dead cold fish with gummy bears and berries, and was chased by a costume bear. Most people were there just having fun. Some dudes were racing all out. Which made it weird to be in a race where some people just wanted to have fun and other people wanted to dominate it like it was a usgp. I would have liked it more if everyone was just goofing off and drinking beer but trying to race half assed. Or maybe not. I don't know. That's why it was indescribable. I'm not sure how I feel about it. To make sure, I'm going to go back and race it again. Maybe if I'm not such a fucking downer Geronimo will car-pool again since I had no idea how we got there. This time I'll bring good beer.

What I am excited about is riding my 29er. I rode it all of once. Had a blast and it's been collecting dust ever since due to races every single weekend. Thanksgiving is the next chance I'll have to ride it. Should be fun. But in one week 'cross is over and I can plan a weekend out to Blue Marsh and ride the hell out of that bike. I'd like to do some SS mtb races in 2010.

So that wasn't completely negative was it? Probably shouldn't try to write something positive when a family member is dying, Flat broke before Chistmas,my legs feel like trembling weak noodles, and I'm exhausted from playing with Luke.

So here I'll end this shit on a high note. I wasn't kidding about the bear...

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