Monday, November 30, 2009

High note

Not that anyone is reading this so I can pretty much say whatever I want. This blog shit is like an online diary for public viewing. I never kept a journal (manly term for diary) so I have no idea why I feel compelled to now. But whatever, I digress.

Back to your regularly scheduled bike rant. My nightmarish season has come to an end. BUT!! not without a silver lining. Let's start with Saturday's PA State Champ cyclocross race. I somehow got a callup? Maybe because the top 10 guys in the state didn't show, except for Gunnar. The course hadn't changed a bit for better or worse. I'm pretty sure they kept the tape up since last year. SO the start is uphill and paved. A few dudes went real fast out of the gate and blew up before we go to the top. About 10 of us rolled away from the pack but not at a race winning pace. Everyone was marking Gunnar and he was just taking his time. Such a change from last year. It's good to see him coming into his own. Although I do miss beating him. Anyway, after about 2 laps the pace was lifted and I got popped due to a side stitch. (I'd give both nuts for a cure to this problem) Jason E. went flying by me and caught the break. That was cool to see. But back to me, I was ready to step off the bike and call it a day. But I was riding with this Dynaflow guy and after some back and forth I dropped him. So that gave me some confidence back. Side stitch still lingering I tried to maintain my pace without letting anyone catch me. But there was a nice size chase behind me trying to reel me in. Two of them flew off and caught me. One dude from Bicycle Therapy kept going at an incredible speed (compared to mine). The other faded and latched onto is wheel for the last lap. The kid didn't complain or ask me to work just pulled me around the whole last lap. Just for that I wanted to let him come in ahead of me but as we were coming around the bend to the finish he slowed so I just said, "fuck it", and started to sprint. I was in my little ring and completely spun out 20 meters to the line. The kid beat me for 12th place fair and square by about 6 inches. Good for him. I was actually happy to have sprinted with someone for once. My whole season I've just rode across the finish alone.
Sunday, Phelps race in Malvern. This race got no love from the 'cross community last year and again this year. Shame for any 'cross race to have low numbers. I know plenty of dudes who sat at home on Sunday. Not sure why. I recognized about half the guys most of them I've beaten all year (not trying to be arrogant just honest) so I wasn't intimidated. But Gunnar was there so I was happy about that. I like racing against people I know and who are faster then me. Makes it more challenging. I lined up next to the kid who out sprinted me the day before. Nice guy not sure who he races for. Whistle blew and everyone took off. I found myself very quickly 2nd wheel. I don't like going out first. For many reasons. One I don't like setting the early pace because I usually blow up and two just by being 1st or second means I'm going to hard. SO I stop pedaling and let 5 or so pass me before we hit the first corner. I watched Gunar eat shit and sounded like he broke something. I was bummed but suddenly that fucking kid came out of no where and was back on my wheel. Then he quickly came around and went clear pulling some other guy who I vaguely remember from a few road races with him. We were going through the one off camber section when some breakaway dude stopped dead in front of me and I had to dismount and run up the hill. I hate running so I was pretty pissed about that. Apparently my anger shot me clear of everyone and I found myself catching up to Gunnar and this dude. As soon as I caught them Gunnar attacked and I went with dropping dude in yellow. This is towards the end of 1st lap. By lap two we had a ridiculous lead and were not in any danger of getting caught. So we slowed up a bit, and just enjoyed the lead. With 2 to go Gunnar attacked. I wasn't sure why as he didn't need to. I kind of dropped him by accident a few times and I wasn't sure if he thought I was trying to get away. Anyway he went and gapped me by like 30 secs with ease. I caught back up o him with a 5 sec lead with 1 to go. Then he went again. Same thing, but I could close it down and I congratulated him going into the final turns. Good race and I settled for 2nd place. I wasn't so much happy with the 2nd place as I was with keeping up with Gunnar. Something I haven't been able to do all season because of all the shit that's happened. Like I told my wife, I'd come back into form for the last race. I was right. It was a good day. My wife and son were there cheering and I could slow up and wave at them all while riding at the front with ease. I've missed that.

So I'm going out on a high note. That's a wrap. Going to ride the shit out of my mtb this winter and just have fun before gay road racing starts. I'm already planning on 2010 'cross season.


crazygirlKelley said...

Hey! I read your man diary blog! So I count! Good job on the race! :)

crazygirlKelley said...

oops, forgot to add that although I think cx is great, I LOVE the road bike. LOOOOOVVVVVVE it.

Joey said...

Don't get me wrong I LOVE my road bike. I just think 'cross racing is by far more fun then road.

And yes you most certainly count.

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