Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's about to get nutty

So I haven't posted in awhile for many reasons, laziness mostly but I've been taking the last month to slow down and enjoy life and the family. Not that I needed to fall in love with cycling anymore then I already have but not racing for a month and just riding this new bike around has reminded me how much I love the art of cycling. Having one of the best bikes ever made doesn't hurt either.
But as the title suggests this is just the calm before the storm. 'Cross season is coming up and I'm going all out this year. I'm going to sell the motorcycle and buy a moped to do motor pacing all summer and fall. The 'crosss team (all 4 of us) is getting together to plan a pre-season workout schedule. It's going to be nuts.
Now to get this new Dugast glued up...

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