Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sok it to me

Me so horny for 29ers. After much deliberation I've decided to sell my Santa Cruz Blur. It was like a fwb. It was good while it lasted but it just wasn't meant to be. Mainly I was sick of clogging up the derailleur and cursing and screaming in the middle of the woods all winter. Seriously.... bullshit. It's off to a nice home in CA where the guy said he bought it to "ride around with his young kids." Ummm... ok. You bought a all XTR race sled for $1550 so you could ride with your kids in the driveway. Whatever dude. Good luck to you. Can't imagine what his kids are riding.

So I'm saying goodbye to derailleurs, goodbye to shifters, goodbye to rear suspension, and goodbye to 26" wheels. Hello to 29", single speed, hardtail, pure sexified mtb goodness. I'm going to ride the shit out of this thing ('09 SS Bianchi Sok).

Only problem is I'm getting this at the beginning of 'cross season. So I'm going t have to forget it's there for 3-4 months. Right... Totally going to screw up my head for 'crosss season. Focus! FOCUS!!!


Martin said...

What better practice for cross than slogging too high of a gear up hill?

Or having to get off and run up the steep stuff?

Or getting banged around on a hard tail.

Cross-training for Cross!

Joey said...

I'm pretty sure I should leave cross training for the off season. What I need to do is spend as much time on the cross bike as possible. But I'm sure I'll be sneaking in a few rides on this here and there.

Anonymous said...

def need to sneak some rides on the Bianchi dude, it's bad karma not to.

Joey said...

Bad karma and just plain stupid not to ride a beatiful new bike. Thinking Blue Marsh sometime in Sept. on a non-cx race weekend, if there is such a weekend. That or I take a day off work to ride the shit out of it.

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