Thursday, April 9, 2009


I've never liked crits. That was until tonight when I dominated the local Thursday night crit. I went on about 8 breaks with minimal effort. On the last 3 laps when the big boys finally came out to play I grabbed their wheels easily. The feeling o flying past everyone at close to 40mph with a group of other really strong riders and not feeling like you're going to crack is an almost super human feeling. I almost thought I was going to ride away with this thing when me and some Elite dude came into the last corner with a little bit of a gap on the main field. Of course they caught us right in front of the parking lot and I had no sprint and had to sit up as everyone went flying by.

Still... I crushed that thing tonight. Would have been nice if the rest of my team could have been there. Or Geronimo. Or someone. I have no one (except Jamie but I don't think he was at the very front) to witness my one night of crit greatness.

I have no idea where these legs came from but I'm loving it.

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Martin said...

It's gotta be the bike.

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