Saturday, February 28, 2009


I love climbing. I should just stop the post right there. There's nothing else more to say really. But I'll continue a bit for posterity sake. We did 5501 feet of climbing today. Not bad for an early season ride. I would have liked to do more but what the ride lacked in feet it more than made up for in gradient. The first big accent was 22%. For those of you who don't know that steep of road would be very difficult to walk up let alone ride. When I first saw it the first thought I had was "maybe I should get off and walk up". I've never huffed and puffed so hard in my life.

The limbs got easier and ride pressed on. We saw some crazy shit out in Berks county like a HUGE Noah's arc type boat that a a house. This place is money too. Not some local yokel living in a boat. I would love to take a look inside. I'll have to figure that out one day.

Couple more weekend like this and I'll be back on track to being in race shape. My weight is around 146lbs and I'd guesstimate my bmi to be 7%? I got buzzed off one Miller Lite last night. That should be an indication that I'm getting skinny. Can't wear my wedding ring any more either. Pretty sure a 10 year old could kick my ass.

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Jamie Harris said...

I was along for this ride and I can attest to the steepness of 22%. It hurts and you do taste blood when you reach the top.

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